How To Write Your Band’s First Song

When seen from the outside, writing songs can prove to be an intimidating job. While some popular bands might make it appear simple, you’ll come across some well-known songs which took weeks or even months for completion. It might be the fact that you have joined a band recently as a songwriter, and you have been assigned to write the first song for your band. To make things easy for you, we have mentioned some guidelines on how to write your band’s first song in the following paragraphs.


This will be the initial step while writing lyrics for songs. In fact, you will be writing different materials in case of songs intended for the children than what you would have written for the adults. Therefore, the lyric of your song is going to vary according to the audience, and your primary intention will be to connect with the target listeners emotionally and also appeal to them.


The title of the song is going to tell the audience what it is about. Make it a point to make the title fairly short, somewhat catchy, and also simple to remember. The song might be regarding any subject. You can relate your song to love, birth, death, and so on. However, it is extremely important to know the message that you’d like to convey through the song before starting to write the lyrics. It will also allow you to write on something with which you are familiar as well as experienced.


Following this, start to write the actual lyrics by composing words for the song’s chorus. Make it a point to make the chorus fairly repetitive which your audience will be able to remember. The chorus will be acting as a bridge while connecting the verses. It ought to be exciting, and it will be of great help in case you pitch the melody somewhat higher while increasing the tempo of the song slightly. It will be a good idea to include the title of the song within the chorus.


After this, focus on the first verse of the song. The verses will be relating the story of the song or the message. Make sure to keep the lyrics simple, short, as well as catchy given that you will have only 3 to 4 minutes for expressing the story. It is important for the first verse to be strong as well as attention-drawing. The first line can be an instruction or question, or you may also use the title of the song there. The subsequent verses ought to remain focused while continuing the first verse and narrating the story. The final verse should consist of the climax of your tale or the song’s message. In case you are able to leave a proper impression with the audience, they will like to listen to your song once again.

Now that you are aware of the basic steps for writing the first song for your band, you will require having some fantastic ideas for the song. Try to unwind and go for a solitary stroll while immersing yourself in music and art. This will definitely help you to come across the appropriate subject for the new song. Moreover, always keep a notebook along with you such that you will be able to write down all those wonderful ideas.