No matter you are feeling, music just makes you feel good. Whether because it’s relatable or just makes you forget, it does its work. As music lovers ourselves, we know how it feels. We also get to make and share music that will be relatable to others. 

To go further, we decided to make this blog. Here, we get to share tips and other things related to music. With that, let us introduce ourselves:


I’m a producer and songwriter. I’ve started a band with my friend, Mary, way back in college. Now, with our other band members, we get to play at various venues and gigs.


I’m a songwriter and also the lead guitarist of our band. With Anne busy with our songs, I get to help our manager with recruitment and venues. I also do workshops for aspiring guitarists.


As the manager, I’m in charge with booking venues. I also look out for potential musicians that we can help.