How To Keep Your Dog Occupied When You’re At Band Practice

Your dog will be bored while you are practicing with the band. There will be times throughout the practice that you are going to be worried about your pet. Thus, better keep it preoccupied. One way to do this would be to give your pet a bunch of dog toys. Now, the dog can play with all those toys and he or she won’t even notice how fast time flies. Also, the pet can run around outside but someone should watch the animal so he or she won’t chase the postman away. You know how there are times when dogs chase postmen even though they are just doing their job. Another idea would be to hire a dog walker who can walk your pet while you are practicing your songs. It is like accomplishing two things at the same time. While you are doing something and keeping yourself busy, the same thing is happening with your pet. Of course, you won’t know what is going to happen to them until the dog gets back and the dog walker will give you a report on what they will be able to accomplish. While you are away, there is a chance that the dog was able to poop and pee several times if it was in the house for several days. If it is a loyal pet, it would not dare do that inside. If that happens, you can be encouraged to hire a dog walker pretty often so it can run outside the house and get a lot of exercises. Like humans, dogs need that too in order to stay in great shape. They can’t just eat a lot of food and sit around at the house the entire day. They are going to get fat and you have nobody to blame but yourself.

Turn on the TV and your dog can watch some TV shows where other dogs and several animals have some fun. It is going to be quite entertaining for your pet to watch these types of shows. If they are good enough, the dog can enjoy and just fall asleep several hours later. Of course, it is impossible for the dog to switch the channel so better make sure you put on something good for the dog to watch. There will be times when the dog would get impatient and just push the remote himself using his large paw. The only problem is, instead of the channels switching, the TV gets shut down. Another way for the dog to get occupied is for the dog to join the band practice. You know how some bands love having an official mascot so that is a good possibility. It is actually a great way to get more fans and the dog will get entertained in the process. Just make sure you don’t play the music too loud or the dog’s hearing may get affected. The music should be just right in such a way that the dog is alright with it.